Back to nature

The Festival BESIDE invites you to reconnect with nature by way of culture, just a stone’s throw away from Montréal. For three days, come soak up some knowledge, beef up your skill set, attend private open-air concerts, play outside, and discover the unsuspected flavours of our local products. Whether you’re young, not-so-young, a thrill-seeker or a homebody — everyone will feel right at home.

Our Vision

Four leaders in adventure tourism, outdoor recreation, and ecotourism have decided to join forces to bridge the gap between people and nature. The Festival BESIDE comes from a desire to freshen up the image of the great outdoors and put nature back into our daily lives by sharing an urban, festive, and accessible experience. It’s our chance to redefine our ties with nature in order to live better lives and, little by little, build the future of our dreams.