The Influence of Nature on Architecture

Sunday, June 16, 2019
 at 11:00


The space around us plays an important part in how we develop our behaviours, lifestyles, and world views. In symbiosis, nature and architecture speak to each other to inform our quality of life and appreciation of our surroundings. Our panelists will discuss their approach to architecture and nature, the importance of the environment in the creative process, and the ways in which humanity can harmoniously integrate the landscape.

Pierre Thibault

Pierre Thibault is a well-known Québécois architect. Since he considers architecture to be an expression of culture, his work engages with an exchange between nature and humanity as the pathway to marking our land. Thanks to designs that highlight the interconnection between architecture and landscape, he aims to bring into focus the dialogue that connects us to the environment over time.

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Kim Pariseau

A trained architect and interior designer, Kim Pariseau is also the founder of the APPAREIL architecture agency. Inspired by her studies in Denmark, her Nordic style is channelled through sleek designs bathed in natural light where hosts are intimately bound to their environment. Kim has won many awards for her work and has been the subject of wide coverage in Québec and around the world.

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Louis-Philippe Pratte

Louis-Philippe Pratte is the founder of À Hauteur d’homme (Hh), a design firm specialized in the custom design and manufacture of wooden furniture. The environment has been key to his approach from the very beginning, and the contractor is now interested in the influence of design on our lifestyle and consumption habits. With respect to the issues we currently face, he believes the product has a duty to set an example and inspire the user. Therefore, he makes sure he minimizes the general footprint of his furniture and optimizes the use of raw materials, without ever sacrificing beauty or function.

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Marc-André Carignan

Marc-André Carignan is a host, author, political and municipal affairs columnist, as well as one of the few columnists who specialize in urban development in Quebec’s media landscape. Each week, he shares his passion and expertise across different forums trying to get citizens to take a critical look at how their living environment is designed. He dreams of seeing meaningful ecological initiatives in Quebec’s real estate sector.

Sunday, June 16, 2019
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La cache
Pierre Thibault, Kim Pariseau, Louis-Philippe Pratte