The Businesses of the Future

Sunday, June 16, 2019
 at 13:15


These entrepreneurs have redefined traditional business models by adopting a development and conservation approach. They will be discussing how they see entrepreneurship, the social responsibility of businesses, and the integration of nature into their activities.

David Côté — Loop, RISE Kombucha, and Crudessence

David Côté is an eco-entrepreneur, with an ever-evolving roster of projects, who's managed to make a difference by rethinking food practices and offering new alternatives. Driven by the will to improve people's eating habits from a sustainable development perspective, David has managed to harness food ecology into a successful business plan. The need to counter food waste inspired his most recent endeavor, the Loop Mission, a company that has prevented the loss of millions of kilograms of fruits, vegetables, and greenhouse gas emissions, and millions of litres of water.

Émilia Tamko — L’Université dans la Nature

L’Université dans la Nature's mandate is to instill in Canadian society the reflex of relying on nature as a public health prevention tool (the Nature Reflex) to counter the current epidemic of psychological health-related issues. This non-profit organization was founded in 2014 by Émilia Tamko and Hubert Mansion. Having grown up in tough suburbs around Paris, coming to Canada allowed Émilia to discover the benefits of spending time in nature. As for Hubert Mansion, former lawyer, it was after experiencing immersion in nature following a severe professional burnout that he decided to research the scientific basis for the benefits he experienced. He then discovered a vast body of research on the physiological, psychological, and cognitive impacts of nature. Today, l’Université dans la Nature lists over 1,000 scientific studies and meta-analyses on the impact of nature in hospitals, businesses, schools, workplaces, individual health, and public health.

Étienne Beaumont — Vallée Bras-du-Nord Co-op

Étienne Beaumont is the director and project coordinator of the Vallée Bras-du-Nord Co-op — a tangible, living, and inspiring sustainable development model. This prizewinning park brings together outdoor enthusiasts, tourism companies, residents, farmers, vacationers, forest workers, and local organizations, uniting them toward a common purpose. Every year since 2002, the organization hires a dozen youths from the Portneuf area who are facing various life challenges, with a view toward socio-professional integration. Moreover, from its very beginnings, the Vallée Bras-du-Nord Co-op has adopted sustainable tourism development principles in order to avoid indiscriminate use of the land. It not only made it its philosophy, but also a duty and, especially, a responsibility.

Pascale Vézina Rioux — Les Chèvres de montagne

Pascale Vézina Rioux has taught mathematics in various contexts (including a correctional centre) before devoting herself entirely to Les Chèvres de montagne, an outdoor recreation community for women. While women are often under-represented in various sports, Pascale is contributing to the development of a growing community of women taking part in outdoor activities. By offering activities for all levels, Pascale has participated in developing an environment conducive to the transmission of tools and knowledge for playing in the great outdoors. Today, Les Chèvres de montagne represents a community of more than 11,500 women throughout the province and organizes more than 40 events and activities every year.

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Sunday, June 16, 2019
La cache
La cache
David Côté, Émilia Tamko, Étienne Beaumont, Pascale Vézina Rioux
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