Our Future Will Play Out in Nature

Sustainable development is a major concern for the Festival BESIDE. We are committed to put in the necessary work to minimize our impact on the environment while inspiring better practices to build a sustainable future. Play outside for three days, live better forever!

A Few of Our Actions

Resource Management

  • Waste management and sorting made possible by Cascades.
  • Clear signage to facilitate the management of waste materials (garbage, recycling, composting).


Responsible Food Choices

  • Drinking water available on site to encourage the refilling of reusable glasses and bottles.
  • Recyclable, compostable, or reusable dishes and utensils available to employees, volunteers, artists, speakers, and festival-goers as incentives.
  • Food choices based on good environmental practices, including vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Control over the quantity of food to avoid wastage.
  • Food surplus donated to a charity organization.
  • Deposits for cans.


  • Public transit enhanced in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Addition of buses and river shuttles, and creation of a Facebook group to facilitate ride-sharing.
  • Active or emission-free transportation on the Festival BESIDE site: pedestrian site, bicycle and electric golf cart stations.
  • A choice of local providers taking concrete actions toward sustainable development.


  • Reuse of installations in collaboration with Kermesse to minimize production and reuse urban and event furniture.
  • Objects lost and unclaimed up to a month after the Festival BESIDE to be donated to a charity organization.
  • Bicycles found and unclaimed up to a month after the Festival BESIDE to be donated to SOS Vélo.