The Experience

The BESIDE Festival is THE place to reconnect with nature!

Come discover, touch, taste, and explore in a festive atmosphere. From sunrise on a paddleboard to a jam session around a campfire, through a photography workshop, a conference given by a famous explorer, and an Elisapie concert as the sun sets — that's what a BESIDE Festival day is like.

Choose among a great number of experiences to reconnect the way you want to. You can even camp on the island. Because nature is a lot more than just outdoor recreation.

Practical Workshops

Learning in Order to Stay Rooted to the Past and Look to the Future

When was the last time you created or repaired something with your own hands? Cleaning a fish, making a fire, picking mushrooms, building a shelter... little by little, this traditional and crucial knowledge is getting lost. Developed by experienced and innovative artisans, these practical workshops brought to you by Boréale give you back the tools you need to reconnect with nature and build, bit by bit, a more sustainable future.

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Nature + Culture Conferences

Getting Inspired by Pioneering Creativity

When you let nature and culture collide, you open the door to artistic innovation, and also to new rituals and ways of life. The Festival BESIDE's conferences highlight the daring and pleasure involved in allowing nature and culture to work as a team. Imagine if culture reinvented itself when in contact with nature, and nature reaped the benefits of a flourishing culture.

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Outdoor Activities

Experiencing the Elements With Confidence

All kinds of activities brought to you by SAIL are on offer so you can have fun and put your skills to the test. From bouldering to paddleboarding, through river canoeing, sea and river kayaking, rabaska canoeing, hiking, trail running, fishing, and yoga, there's something for everyone.

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Intimate Concerts:

Experiencing Musical Performances in Nature

As part of a special collaboration with the Festival de musique émergente (FME), the Festival BESIDE offers exceptional performances, in the forest or by the water. It's the perfect opportunity to get together and celebrate nature and culture in the open air.

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The Festival BESIDE is also:

  • access to the Parc national des Îles-de-Boucherville and the freedom to explore its 2 square miles [5 km2] of wilderness
  • finding out what aboriginal tourism has to offer through Québec's 11 First Nations and 55 Communities
  • BESIDE documentary screenings for relaxation and inspiration
  • a village geared toward fun and relaxation with an exhibitor and discovery area, food trucks, a bar, and hammocks
  • a camp zone, where children between the ages of 5 and 12 can take a break from their parents and play in nature for half a day